The Sober Curiosity movement - alcohol-free living is trendy

Ever heard of the Sober Curiosity movement? No? No problem! In this blog we will explain what this is all about and why more and more people are taking part in this movement.

What is the Sober Curiosity movement?

More and more young people prefer a health-conscious and at the same time sustainable lifestyle. This new trend, which from the USA is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany, is primarily about a healthy lifestyle without alcohol. All over the world, more and more followers can be found who focus on the health of body, mind and soul and do without long drinks, wine, cocktails and spirits.

The first non-alcoholic bars and party series dedicated to the Sober Curiosity movement can already be found in the USA. It's about time that this trend fully arrived in Germany, because we definitely drink too much alcohol without dealing with it sensitively and reflectively.

By the way, if you're wondering where the term " Sober Curious " comes from: Translated, it means "sober but curious".

Alcohol facts and figures

Why did such a movement arise in the first place?

One reason why this movement came into being is that society is oblivious and obscure. Do you remember when you first came into contact with alcohol? For us it was at the age of 13/14 when we drank a beer for the first time. And it is precisely contact with alcohol at a young age that leads to a normalization of alcohol, with serious consequences. In Germany alone, 3.4 million adults suffer from an alcohol-related disorder, plus 74,000 deaths from alcohol consumption or the combined consumption of alcohol and tobacco. So it is high time for change and the creation of new social norms. Because far too often, not drinking alcohol is considered boring and even frowned upon. Young people in particular are committed to such a movement and explain the negative consequences of alcoholic beverages and create awareness of this.

Who is the Sober Curiosity movement aimed at?

As you have already read above, it is mainly young people who support the movement. But the Sober Curiosity appeals to anyone who considers a healthy lifestyle appropriate and worthwhile. We also want to take away the social pressure that you have to drink alcohol to belong. Because there are so many good reasons to avoid alcohol. If you are not quite convinced yet and want to know more reasons, please read our blog post:

Living alcohol-free: Reasons why you should avoid alcohol!

The beverage industry has also recognized the trend!

The beverage industry has also recognized that the sober curiosity movement is not just a short-lived trend. Because in the future, more and more people will be looking for healthy non-alcoholic alternatives. There is enormous potential for growth in this area over the next few years. Recognized, large beverage manufacturers are already focusing on alternatives and on top of that they are already producing ready-mixed mocktails . Many people are still critical of an alternative to alcohol, but want to avoid the hangover in the morning and the negative effects of alcohol.

Definition mocktail

Women in particular benefit from the Sober Curiosity movement!

Women's drinking behavior is different, and there are often more men than women in rehab. This is mainly due to the fact that women are particularly ashamed of their own alcoholism. In addition, women in today's society unfortunately still have to put up with enormous pressure, be it at work, in the task of looking after the children, in a partnership or in other social situations. At the same time, it is required to look good and take care of the household on the side. No wonder many women drink to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

It is undisputed that there are differences between the sexes in an alcohol-related illness, be it in the respective drinking motives, the consumption pattern or in the social standing in a society. Physically, too, women differ from men, because the fluid content of women in the body is about ten percentage points lower. As a result, the same amount of alcohol in women is distributed over less liquid and the alcohol concentration in the blood is therefore higher. In addition, men often have more body mass anyway. Thus, the probability is higher that a woman will become alcoholic more quickly than a man with the same amount consumed. Women who drink are less tolerated by society than men who drink, which is why women drink secretly and friends and acquaintances usually only react later, when the disease is more advanced.

Seen sober

Food trends have come and gone over the years. What was considered modern and hip yesterday can be seen as old and outdated tomorrow. Who knows, maybe there will be no more smokers soon? The trend for cigarettes has been around for some time, and now alcohol is following suit. If you still don't believe in an alcohol-free life when you are sober, you should at least take a break from drinking from time to time. And listen carefully to your body during this time. That's what the Sober Curiosity is all about: enjoying the renunciation of alcoholic beverages in harmony with your body.

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