Legal definitions of "alcohol free" in the world

How is the term "alcohol-free" actually defined in other countries around the world?

The term " non-alcoholic " is defined differently in different countries. So watch out if you want to go on vacation this summer and still want to avoid alcohol. In our blog post we show you how the term "alcohol-free" is defined in countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, England and the USA.

More interesting facts about "alcohol-free".

In Germany, a drink advertised as "non-alcoholic" may contain up to 0.5% by volume of residual alcohol without it having to be labelled. So it doesn't have to be completely free of alcohol. You can read more about this in our blog: Fact check! Does "alcohol-free" mean the same as reading "without alcohol" .

Alcohol consumption in other countries

Alcohol free in Denmark (in Danish a lkoholfri)

In Denmark, the term "alcohol-free" is used very broadly. In the past, there was a legal definition of alcohol-free, which stated that a maximum of 0.1% alcohol by volume should be contained in the drink. However, since 2009 this regulation has been changed. Since then, "alcohol-free" in Denmark has been defined as a drink containing a maximum of 0.5% alcohol by volume.

Alcohol-free in Norway ( alcohol-free in Norwegian)

Norway define the term "alcohol-free" somewhat differently. In Norway, "non-alcoholic" means a drink that contains 0.7% alcohol or less by volume.

Alcohol-free in Sweden (alcohol-free in Swedish)

In Sweden, the term "alcohol-free" is defined in much the same way as in Germany. The rule here is that a non-alcoholic drink may contain 0.5% alcohol by volume or less.

Alcohol free in Italy ( non alcolico in Italian)

In Italy, the term "alcohol-free" is very broad and is limited to equal to or less than 1.2% alcohol.

Non-alcoholic in England

Liquor laws only restrict the sale or consumption of beverages with an alcohol content greater than 0.5%.

Non-alcoholic in the US

In the United States, the term "alcohol-free" is relatively broad. According to the definition of American legislation, a non-alcoholic beverage may not exceed an alcohol content of 0.5 percent by volume. For solid foods, the limit is 0.08% by volume. Danger! For soft drinks, the limit is 0.6% by volume.

So if you're on vacation in another country and want to avoid alcohol, pay attention to the definition of "alcohol-free" in that country. The definition can be significantly different. If you are still unsure and prefer to be on the safe side, simply order a water.

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