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The right non-alcoholic cocktail for every occasion. Wonderfully fruity cocktails, completely non-alcoholic! Admire the taste even without alcohol. Here you can buy the best cocktails.

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Alcohol-free cocktails

Delicious non-alcoholic cocktails and all without a headache the next morning. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter! There is a suitable cocktail for every season. The best part is that non-alcoholic cocktails taste just as good as traditional cocktails. A must for every rider at your next party.

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Alcohol has a reputation for being fattening and rightly so. Pure alcohol contains about 7 kilocalories (kcal) per gram. In comparison, 1 gram of sugar has only 4 kcal per gram and fat brings up the rear with 9 kilocalories per gram. Attention! This is pure alcohol. Nevertheless, we can state that there are probably no low-calorie cocktails, since the alcohol alone has too many calories. Therefore, it can be said that our non-alcoholic cocktails usually have fewer calories than most conventional cocktails. Additionally, cream, creams and syrups are used in most cocktails to mask the bitter taste of alcohol. We don't need this for our non-alcoholic cocktails, as none of them contain alcohol and still taste super delicious.

Cocktails without alcohol, also called mocktails, are the latest trend. The term "mocktail" can be derived from the English term "to mock" (imitate or pretend) and describes a cocktail that contains no alcohol. Above all, it is an excellent and convincing alternative to conventional cocktails. Regardless of whether you abstain from alcohol for health, religious or other reasons, you too can enjoy a hot summer day with mocktails.

When the temperatures rise in summer and the body is under more stress again, it is important to drink more water and less alcohol. Our alcohol-free cocktails are particularly suitable for this. When the temperature is hot, alcohol affects the body faster and more intensely. As a result, alcohol dehydrates the body and increases the risk of circulatory problems and unconsciousness. Ice-cold spritzers are no longer enough for people, they want to drink a cocktail in a bar in the evening that not only tastes delicious, but also looks like a cocktail – just without alcohol.

But you should also buy our alcohol-free cocktails in cold temperatures, because alcohol warms your body from the inside is just a misconception. In cold temperatures, alcohol cools down your body. This increases the risk of getting cold and getting sick in winter. But why do we believe that alcohol warms us? This is because alcohol dilates blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow through the body. However, this feeling only lasts for a short time, as the excess heat is released through the skin into the air. As a result, the body temperature drops faster and draws heat from the body.