non-alcoholic gin

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It's a gin-gin situation. We offer you the best gin alternatives, delicious and non-alcoholic. With us you can buy the best gin without alcohol.

Non-alcoholic gin

Non-Alcoholic Gin? does it exist The answer is yes and no. We offer you non-alcoholic gin for sale, but from a purely legal point of view, gin must have an alcohol content of 37.5% vol. alcohol. The correct term for a gin without alcohol is alcohol-free alternative to gin. Whether with or without alcohol, gin has made a real comeback in recent years. The juniper schnapps is also a real miracle and can be combined in many ways. If you want to do without alcohol, you can get excellent non-alcoholic gin from us.

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From a purely legal point of view, gin without alcohol cannot even be called gin. By law, a gin must contain at least 37.5 percent alcohol. As is well known, this is not the case with our non-alcoholic alternatives to gin. With us you will only find non-alcoholic gin for sale.

Alcohol-free gin contains numerous health-promoting ingredients that strengthen your immune system. The juniper contained in the gin has a warming effect on the body and at the same time improves blood circulation in the kidneys. It also flushes the kidneys and leads to increased water excretion, which could occur with urinary tract infections or an irritable bladder. Gin can also be described as one of the "healthiest" spirits.

Alcohol-free gin consists of a wide variety of botanicals, with juniper and linden blossom providing the taste. The botanicals responsible for the taste are macerated and distilled in a special process, as is the case with conventional gin. Depending on the variety and manufacturer, the alcohol-free gins differ, but are mostly reminiscent of cardamom and cloves. Novel alternatives to gin should not be a substitute, but offer an "alternative with its own aroma profile".

There are of course variations in the production of non-alcoholic gin and each gin has its own flavor profile. But basically the production is the same. A traditional distillation process is used for the non-alcoholic gin. The gentle "steam distillation" ensures that the taste and properties of the alcohol-free gin are not lost.
No alcohol is boiled for the gin, but so-called botanicals, i.e. water with gin-typical herbs. The liquid then has to be cooled again, so gentle distillation is required. However, in the non-alcoholic version of the gin, the company uses a modified process to extract the herbal flavors in a more concentrated form.

The special thing about the production of non-alcoholic gin is that the botanicals can be used to create an even more exciting taste experience. An infinite number of ingredients can thus be used. Juniper, ginger, thyme, lavender and many more ensure a very unique aroma profile in the alcohol-free gin.