Jörg Geiger - 0.75l non-alcoholic pear sparkling wine - non-alcoholic champagne

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Alcohol-free champagne from Jörg Geiger

The non-alcoholic champagne or also called pear sparkling wine has a traditional bottle fermentation from Swabian meadow fruit varieties. Suitable for every special occasion and moment in life that you want to celebrate without alcohol.
Light and pleasant sweetness characterize the pear sparkling wine without alcohol. With its dried pear notes, white blossom and brioche notes, the non-alcoholic champagne convinces on the nose. Something special is, among other things, the three-year yeast storage on champagne bottles. On the palate you will feel a subtle, restrained acidity with integrated acidity.

The champagne owes its gentle taste to the subtle tannins that can be recognized in the fine aftertaste. For more than 200 years, the roasted pear has been considered the wine pear of the highest rank. This non-alcoholic champagne is particularly good as an aperitif.

More about Jörg Geier's non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines:

" Picking and biting into it is not recommended for most old meadow fruit varieties - 'räs' is what the Swabians call the combination of intense, tart flavors that characterize these tannin-rich fruits. And it is precisely this quality that we appreciate in the Jörg Geiger manufactory. Due to its intense aromas, Swabian Meadow Fruit is ideally suited for the production of distillates, sparkling wines and non-alcoholic PriSeccos. "

Volume: 750ml

  • Brand : Jörg Geiger
  • taste : Restrained sweetness and well-integrated acidity. Fine taste of the champagne roast pear
  • Alcohol : 0.0%

It is important how you drink non-alcoholic champagne, otherwise you can expect loss of taste.

This usually starts with opening a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. Due to the 6 bar pressure inside the bottle, there is a risk that the cork will come loose suddenly when opened. This is not only dangerous, but also ensures that the non-alcoholic champagne loses important aromas.

The drinking pleasure of non-alcoholic champagne is one of the most important factors and is strongly influenced by the temperature. Drink the champagne without alcohol at around 10 degrees Celsius, but not colder and not from a chilled glass. Tall glasses should always be used, so-called tulips or flutes. Carbon dioxide escapes too quickly from the champagne glasses that were common in the past.

Do not leave open bottles standing for long periods of time. Consume non-alcoholic champagne within 2-3 days.

Nutritional information per 100 ML
Energy 88.2 kJ / 21.6 kcal
Fat 0g
of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
carbohydrates 4.6 g
of which sugar 4.6 g
Protein 0g


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