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non-alcoholic sparkling wine

Alcohol-free sparkling wine

Non-alcoholic and sparkling wine, does that still taste good? Non-alcoholic sparkling wine offers a great alternative to alcoholic beverages. Does sparkling wine without alcohol taste just as good as a conventional sparkling wine, or are there significant differences? Whether it's a birthday, New Year's Eve or a company party, there are always reasons to toast. There are enough reasons not to drink alcohol. We have clarified the most important questions about the topic "alcohol-free".

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Traditional sparkling wine is made from wine, you know that right? Usually, the vacuum distillation process is used for the production of non-alcoholic wine. This non-alcoholic wine then provides the basis for non-alcoholic sparkling wine. With this process, the alcohol content in the base wine is reduced to less than 0.5% vol. A second fermentation, during which carbonic acid is produced, gives sparkling wines their typical sparkling note. However, this is not the case with sparkling wines that are alcohol-free, since the secondary fermentation would produce alcohol again. In order to convey the feeling of drinking a real sparkling wine, the non-alcoholic wine is mixed with fermentation carbonic acid to form a non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Try it out, because you can buy the best non-alcoholic sparkling wines in our shop.
The process of making sparkling wine non-alcoholic is relatively simple. All you have to know is that non-alcoholic sparkling wine can only be described by law as "foaming drink made from non-alcoholic wine". That's why you often find the term alcohol-free mousseux on our site.

The birth of a baby is the best reason to toast with your closest friends and family. But this turns out to be difficult, after all, alcohol will become taboo for pregnant women in the coming months. Do pregnant women have to do without toasting or maybe non-alcoholic sparkling wine is an alternative.
You can find out here whether alcohol-free sparkling wine is okay or dangerous during pregnancy. Basically, it can be said that even small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy are sufficient to harm your unborn child. If a sparkling wine is declared non-alcoholic, its alcohol content is less than 0.5% volume. If you treat yourself to a glass of non-alcoholic sparkling wine during pregnancy, the amount of alcohol is within a tolerable range. For example, grape juice and apple juice sometimes contain up to 1% alcohol by volume. However, it is important not to empty too many glasses in a row or get into the habit of drinking non-alcoholic wine, champagne or beer.
When choosing a drink, make sure that the alcohol content is stated on the bottle. If you prefer to be on the safe side, try a sparkling wine that says no alcohol. The declaration "without alcohol" guarantees that there is no alcohol in the sparkling wine. By the way, you can buy the best non-alcoholic sparkling wines and sparkling wines from us.

Like other non-alcoholic alternatives, non-alcoholic sparkling wine may contain up to 0.5% alcohol by law. Alcohol-free sparkling wine usually contains a maximum of up to 0.3% alcohol. So you should always prefer a non-alcoholic sparkling wine to a conventional sparkling wine. Even after one or two glasses of sparkling wine, such an amount cannot be detected in the blood. But what about the calories? Are there significant differences here? Common sparkling wines contain an average of around 85 kcal per 100 ml, whereas non-alcoholic sparkling wine contains only 28 kcal per 100 ml. The sugar content in sparkling wine is also higher than in non-alcoholic sparkling wines. In conclusion, it can be said that alcohol-free sparkling wine has almost a third fewer calories and hardly any alcohol can be detected in the body. The harmful effects of alcohol should also be known to everyone, so that one can claim without a guilty conscience: non-alcoholic sparkling wine is healthier than conventional sparkling wine.