non-alcoholic vermouth

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Vermouth is good for everything, especially alcohol-free. The ancient Egyptians were already familiar with the appetizing effect of wormwood. It used to help against indigestion and seasickness. Today we show the Egyptians that alcohol-free vermouth tastes much better. With us you can buy the best vermouth without alcohol.

Non-Alcoholic Vermouth

Wormwood was already used as a medicinal herb in ancient times. Today it is one of the most important bar ingredients, especially in cocktail classics such as Martini or Negroni. With us you can now enjoy the cocktail classic non-alcoholic. Pure non-alcoholic vermouth is suitable as an aperitif or as an ingredient in your non-alcoholic long drink.

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Vermouth has been around since the 17th century and was first sold in England. Today it has the same name, but meanwhile the vermouth is also available non-alcoholic. Known to the general public as an aperitif, it was originally developed for medicinal purposes.

Alcohol-free vermouth is also particularly suitable for pregnant women who often suffer from nausea. What is bitter in the mouth is good for the stomach. This is ensured by the bitter substances from yellow gentian and wormwood contained in the wormwood. The positive properties and the delicious taste turn the outdated classic into a new trendy drink. Alcohol-free vermouth in particular is enjoying ever-growing recognition in Germany.

A perfect aperitif composed of flavored, distilled grape wine with various herbal ingredients. Alcohol-free vermouth has the same ingredients as its role model. But with classic vermouth, the ingredients are fermented to produce alcohol. With our alcohol-free alternative, this process is not necessary. A lot has happened in the last few years when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to the alcohol-free gin and Campari, there is also a very tasty, alcohol-free vermouth that we have previously offered as an aperitif.

Served alone, non-alcoholic vermouth makes an excellent aperitif – after all, vermouth is delicious. Bartenders are known for being imaginative and finding new ways, you can also just try it out, maybe a bartender slumbers in you. Alcohol-free and no-alcohol, for all the right reasons, has made a new breakthrough in the spirits world with vermouth. The taste is reminiscent of the sweetness of an orange, before the aromas of the wormwood outline slowly shine through. Red apples are found in the finish before the grapefruit taste slowly completes the drink.

Basically when tasting a non-alcoholic vermouth: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Vermouth can be drunk in many different ways.

In and around Turin, where it originated, vermouth was considered an aperitif. Due to its slightly bitter taste, it not only stimulates the appetite, but also promotes digestion. Vermouth on ice and garnished with a fruit slice, for example. orange or lemon.

Today, however, vermouth's popularity is based on pleasure and taste, so that the drink is increasingly establishing itself as a social accompaniment to the cocktail. Whether in a Martini Cocktail, Negroni or Manhattan, the herbal wormwood flavor gives the cocktails a unique aromatic complexity.

If you like it simple, you can use a non-alcoholic vermouth as an aperitivo. Vermouth with a squirt of soda, tonic water, or your beverage of choice.