Alcohol-free fruit sparkling wine

Buy the best non-alcoholic fruit secco online.

Alcohol-free fruity seccos are perfect as an aperitif, but can also be drunk with food. Would you like to enjoy your fruity everyday life without alcohol? Then you make the best decision with our seccos. Take a moment to taste our non-alcoholic fruit sparkling wines.

Alcohol-free fruit sparkling wine

Unexpectedly different - fruit seccos are the new generation. Let yourself be enchanted by our non-alcoholic fruit secco: wine, sparkling wine and fruit juices combine to create an interesting combination of flavors. As an aperitif or non-alcoholic cocktail, the fruit seccos convince with their harmonious sweetness.

Mehr Fragen zum Thema "alkoholfreie Frucht Secco"

Did you know that we consume alcohol every day without even knowing it? For example, did you know that apple juice, orange juice, etc. contain alcohol? Fruit juices are among the foods that have a natural alcohol content. However, this natural alcohol content is classified as harmless, as it rarely exceeds 0.3 percent by volume (vol%). Fruits can also contain alcohol, for example very ripe bananas contain up to 0.6 percent alcohol by volume. Our non-alcoholic fruit seccos have an alcohol content of less than 0.5 percent by volume. Finally, it cannot be determined whether a fruit juice contains more alcohol than a non-alcoholic fruit secco.

Alcohol-free sparkling wine is not an alcoholic beverage within the meaning of § 9 JuSchG. Theoretically, you can also sell to young people under the age of 16. In practice, however, there are deviations. Dealers are not obliged to sell children or young people. Companies can independently decide whether to sell non-alcoholic sparkling wine to customers under the age of 16.

Enlightened young people can therefore drink alcohol-free sparkling wine* on festive occasions in the presence of their parents. Alcohol-free sparkling wine is safe for young people to a certain extent. Nevertheless, the enjoyment of alcohol-free sparkling wine from dealcoholized wine should remain the exception, so as not to build up a preference for sparkling wine.

The production of non-alcoholic fruit sparkling wine is similar to the production process of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. In the case of fruit seccos, the alcohol is removed after completion. This can be done in many different ways. In the case of dealcoholization, however, a residual alcohol always remains in the product. However, this is always below the limit of up to 0.5% alcohol.