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Non-Alcoholic Spirit

In 1979, the first non-alcoholic beer came onto the market. Back then, no one would have believed that non-alcoholic beer would be such an incredible success story. Almost 30 years later, the first spirits without alcohol are available. Legally, a non-alcoholic spirit drink or non-alcoholic Aperol is not a spirit drink or Aperol.

Nevertheless, it is a non-alcoholic drink that tries to imitate the taste characteristics of its big brother, which contains alcohol. Of course, without the spiciness of the alcohol on the finish, a non-alcoholic whiskey might not have the depth of flavor of a fine old Scotch or single malt, but it's good enough to mix and enjoy neat.

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Non-alcoholic spirits are generally made in the same way as their alcoholic counterparts. Barley, corn or rye are used to make a whiskey and gin is made by maceration (steeping and leaching). With alcohol-free whiskey, the mash is not fermented and is distilled several times without alcohol being produced until the malt aroma is transferred to the water. There is also the option of flavoring the water with herbs and spices, such as when making non-alcoholic gin. Non-alcoholic spirits offer a new option when you can't or don't want to drink alcohol. A lot has happened in the market for non-alcoholic spirits in the last two years. More and more non-alcoholic spirits are appearing and one no longer knows which non-alcoholic spirits to buy.

With us you can buy the best non-alcoholic spirits. We taste the spirits without alcohol personally and want to offer you a top selection on our site. We have the best non-alcoholic whiskey for whiskey lovers. We offer you a top selection of non-alcoholic Aperol, gin or rum. Our range will continue to grow and we will always offer you new non-alcoholic alternatives.

The taste and aroma are reminiscent of conventional spirits and you don't have to worry about the disadvantages and intoxicating effects of alcohol. We only offer spirits that are alcohol-free or even contain no alcohol. The terms "alcohol-free" and "spirit" are actually mutually exclusive. Spirits are defined as alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of at least 15% alcohol. The term "alcohol-free distillate" is a little more accurate, as distillates may or may not contain alcohol. One difficulty that most alcohol-free spirits manufacturers face is taste. After all, alcohol has a unique taste that is very difficult to imitate. For example, some manufacturers add a hint of chili to mimic the alcoholic original.