Alcohol-free Moussseux - 6-pack "sparkling alcohol-free" - Sparkling alcohol-free

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Alcohol-free mousseux - variations for everyone who wants to try something special!

"Tingly non-alcoholic"

Tasty trial package of six alcohol-free mousseux from König & Krieger, Carl Jung and SM Manufacturing Sect - at a trial price. Do you want God\'s help to keep you sober? Charlemagne would certainly be a fan of our non-alcoholic tasting packthe end:

  • SM Manufacturing Sect - Free- Sparkling
  • SM Manufacturing Sectors - Free Rosa - Sparkling
  • Carl Jung - Mousseux white
  • Carl Jung - Sparkling Rosé
  • König & Krieger - Freifrau alcohol-free - Mousseux
  • König & Krieger - Sparkling White Cuvée


Volume: 750 ml each

  • brand: different, see above
  • the taste: Various
  • alcohol: less than 0.5%

at an absolute trial price!

More about the wines and mousseux from König & Krieger, Carl Jung and SM Sekt Manufaktur:

"Alcohol-free wines & mousseux have to taste good - that is the top priority of König und Krieger! Taste and quality are key building blocks for the success of the company."

"For more than 100 years now and in the 5th generation, the passion for non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines has lived on at Boosenburg Castle and we are just as committed to the vision of Dr. Carl Jungs is convinced: wine needs taste, not alcohol".

"We lined up to asSM SektManufaktur GmbH to offer our customers the highest level of quality and service. We can look back on more than 25 years of experience in the field of traditional bottle fermentation and the production of carbonated drinks

The consumption recommendations for the "sparkling non-alcoholic" tasting package vary due to the different consumption temperatures of the products available.

More detailed information can be found in the individual consumption recommendations.

The nutritional information for the "French Halal" sample pack varies due to the different products.

You can find more detailed information on this with the individual products.


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