Jörg Geiger - Rose Magic - Non-Alcoholic Prisecco

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Alcohol-free Prisecco "Rosenzauber" by Jörg Geiger

The combination of a Boskoop apple and roses was too unbalanced for this non-alcoholic sparkling wine. The additional chocolate mint gives the nose a boost of freshness and harmony. In the middle, the delicate berries merge into a strong rosé. Organic rose water from the Sonnenhof in Bad Boll is used to match the rose petals. The tasty non-alcoholic Secco is completed by adding carbonic acid.

Embedded in a fine bed of roses, the fresh scent of apples and raspberries unfolds in the nose. A pleasant interplay of sweetness and acidity is evident in the alcohol-free Prisecco, together with aromas of raspberries and blackberries. The background aromas of garden mint and various spices give the non-alcoholic sparkling wine a fruity aftertaste.

Volume: 750ml

  • Brand : Jörg Geiger
  • taste : Raspberry, chocolate mint and spicy oriental notes
  • Alcohol : 0.0%

Completely alcohol-free, this Prisecco goes well with mint-flavored tabbouleh, lamb with raisins and couscous, and chocolate raspberry tart.

Excellent both on ice and alone.
7-10 degrees Celsius is ideal for the taste. Other combinations can be found, especially with fresh berries and sabayon.

Don't linger too long with open bottles. Drink the Secco without alcohol within two to three days.

Nutritional information per 100 ML
Energy 189.9 kJ / 44.9 kcal
Fat 0g
of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
carbohydrates 12.1 g
of which sugar 11.5 g
egg white 0.2 g