Jörg Geiger - Red Fruity - Alcohol-free Prisecco

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Non-alcoholic Prisecco "Red Fruity" by Jörg Geiger

The Jörg Geiger manufactory uses orchard juices for their Prisecco “Red Fruity”, which is then refined with spices and herbs. The additional carbonic acid ensures a fine tingle on the tongue. Black currants and sour cherries dominate the nose of the red Prisecco. Elderberry, quince and lime combine to create a distinctive flavor arc that stimulates all the taste buds on the tongue.

In the Geiger manufactory, valuable apple and cider pear varieties are picked by hand from the meadow orchards along the bird sanctuary at the foot of the Swabian Jura, ripened and carefully processed. The unmistakable aroma of these juices, together with the pronounced acidity of old apple varieties and the accentuated tannin note of the pear, form a completely natural and healthy basis for the non-alcoholic Prisecco.

More about Jörg Geier's non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines:

"Since 2003, Jörg Geiger has used more than 200 spices, 70 herbs and 20 flowers to create distinctive non-alcoholic secco wines that are rich in complexity, depth and variety of taste. There is a large selection of non-alcoholic creations from the manufactory: fruity classics, expressive seasonal items , complex, calm accompaniments and refined cuvées."

Volume: 750ml

  • Brand : Jörg Geiger
  • taste : Elderberries, currants and sour cherries
  • Alcohol : 0.0%

The prizecco goes well with red meat dishes and is perfect as a non-alcoholic aperitif.

Well chilled, it can also be served on its own as a stimulating aperitif, with fine game dishes with cranberries or a dark chocolate and wild berry dessert.

Avoid leaving open bottles around for too long. Consume the alcohol-free Secco within two to three days.

Nutritional information per 100 ML
Energy 212.6 kJ / 50.3 kcal
Fat 0g
of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
carbohydrates 10.9 g
of which sugar 10 g
Protein 0g