Island Brewery - Snorkelers Sea Salt IPA - Non-Alcoholic Beer

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non-alcoholic beers Snorkelers Sea Salt IPA from Insel Brewery

Ahoy! The non-alcoholic beer "Snorkelers Sea Salt IPA" from the Insel brewery impresses with its full foam and aromatic scent. The scent of citrus fruits and a fresh sea breeze fill your nose when you open it. A light note of hay, berries and a pinch of salt mingle on the tongue. The middle of the Pale Alcohol-Free India Pale Ale is smooth, yet lively. In the finish, the hop notes come to the fore and, together with the sea salt and citrus essences, form a round bergamot finish.

More about Insel Brewery's beers:

"The Insel brewery relies primarily on bottle aging, natural cone hops, special malts, open fermentation and nature. Special malts are barley and wheat. A unique brewing method brings the exciting taste. The bottles are wrapped completely in natural wrapping paper to protect them from light The light protection guarantees the long-lasting freshness and quality of the beers."

Volume: 330ml
  • Brand : Island Brewery
  • Taste : fruity-tart, slightly mineral, refreshing
  • Alcohol : < 0.5%

Non-alcoholic beers should always be enjoyed well chilled.

For the non-alcoholic beer "Snorkelers Sea Salt IPA" from the Insel brewery, we recommend a serving temperature of 6-8 °C. It is ideal as an isotonic drink after sport or at the end of the day.

You should not leave an open bottle for too long. It is best to drink the non-alcoholic beer on the same day.

Nutritional information per 100 ML
Energy 32 kCal / 137 Kj
Fat 0g
of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
carbohydrates 6.4 g
of which sugar 0.4 g
Egg white 0.8g


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